Entry Status Check

DV Entrant Status Check

2019 and 2020 Entrant Status Check

DV-2019 and DV-2020 green card lottery entrants can now check the status of their applications online. There will be NO EMAIL or POSTAL LETTER notification of winning or not winning the DV-2018 diversity visa program. All verification is SOLELY DONE ONLINE!

To use the Entrant Status Check (ESC) Web site, you need to have your Submission Confirmation ready. The confirmation page was displayed when you successfully submitted your Diversity Visa (DV) lottery entry. More specifically, it contained your Entrant Confirmation Number, Last/Family Name (or blank if none), and Year of Birth. You must have this information in order to log into the website and check the status of your entry.

Your confirmation number should be 16 characters long, and start with 2019. For example: 20192OQM7B5SHIAE. Be sure to differentiate the letter O and number 0 (zero) when you enter it.

If the information you entered matches DOS record, you will be presented with an Authentication Code. Enter this code in the text field and click Submit. If you cannot recognize all characters, you may click the speaker symbol and hear an audio clip of the code, or refresh it to try a new one. Your status will be displayed after the authorization step.

If your entry was NOT selected, you should see a message like the one below:

“Based on the information provided, the Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the 2014 Electronic Diversity Visa program …”

If your entry was selected for further processing, the status will be:

“Based on the information and confirmation number provided, you should have received a letter by mail from the United States Department of State’s Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) notifying you that your Diversity Visa entry was selected in the DV-2014 lottery.”





This site is not affiliated with the U.S. government or the site dvlottery.state.gov, which is available only at certain times of the year (usually between Oct 1/3 – Nov 1/3 every year). As a private for-fee service, we provide information about the official DV-Lottery Program run by the U.S. government and help candidates submit their applications error-less. We wish you good luck!

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