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 Registration for DV-2025 Green Card Lottery

 [please read our Disclaimer before processing payment]

Submissions for DV-2025 at this website stopped.
We will be emailing all applicants who successfully processed payment, their DV-2025 registration certificates in the following days.


The USDVLotteryPortal’s DV-2025 Processing Fee is $14.99 / person for 1 file. If you are a family (husband+wife) you can register 2 applications and have each spouse as principal applicant in each file. This will cover the verification of your file, editing of your photo and correct submission to the State Department servers of your file. Payment is done after clicking the “Apply for DV-2025” button above. Your credit card statement will list “Bluewave Hosted Networks“, our payment processor, for this charge.


After submitting your DV-2025 Visa Lottery Form, you will receive an email with all the personal details and photo that you entered , at the email address you indicated in the form. Please verify each field and make sure you have entered all information correct and without any spelling errors (missing letters, wrong dates etc).  If you made a mistake, simply reply to us by email, so we can edit your file before processing.

After payment confirmation, all completed forms will be processed, starting October 5 and you will receive your DV-2025 Program Certificate of Registration and your Unique Identification Number via email.


This site is not affiliated with the U.S. government or the site, which is available only at certain times of the year (usually between October 1/3 – November 1/3 every year). As a private for-fee service, we provide information about the official DV-Lottery Program run by the U.S. government and help candidates submit their applications error-less. We wish you good luck!